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SWOP LA, A View of Prostitution from the Inside...

SWOP-LA is the Los Angeles branch of SWOP-USA (http://www.swop-usa.org), the National organization that focuses on The Decriminalization of Prostitution as well as other contemporary sex worker rights issues nationally and internationally.

SWOP-LA is a community of sex industry workers, their clients, their partners, their children AND other non sex worker ALLIES. A sex worker in LA could work as a stripper, a prostitute, a porn star, an escort, nude model, a sensual masseuse, a rent boy, a hustler, a dominatrix, a phone sex/web cam girl, a "video vixen", OR anyone else in Hollywood who exchanges sexual/erotic services for compensation or survival. We are all WHORES on the SAME bus (Tera Patrick said this) so hop on board and help us fight! ..

We are open and supportive of sex workers who are currently or formerly working or transitioning. We do not view prostitution as a pathology or an addiction. We do not need to be saved, WE NEED RESPECT & JUSTICE. We are warriors, survivors, hustlers and outlaws.

We have been around since the beginning of client, I mean man. Only after the WHORE REVOLUTION, will there be respectful exchanges between man and woman, and a provider will be given the freedom and safety to be respected for the erotic services that she is professionally providing to her clients. We are open to non sex worker allies, especially those folks who can get behind the concept of a WHORE REVOLUTION. (borrowed by emi koyama, eminism.org) We need to TAKE BACK what IS rightfully OURS.

WE need SELF DETERMINATION of our bodies and sex. We must gain sisterhood with the REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE movement. The right to have or not have children. The right to have sex for free or for money without criminal or institutionalized violence gone unchecked. Time AND Resources to raise our children, to fuel our dreams. Busting the binary between MADONNA and WHORE. SISTERS and BITCHES. Bitches are your sisters and all sisters have been called a BITCH sometime in their life by some similar cat who thought he was JAY-Z...

We embody an anti-oppression framework conscious of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, gender conformity, fat oppression, adultism, xenophobia, and ageism. So that's what we be about, word to your mother!

See us also at http://www.myspace.com/swopla

RAEL says in his book, Intelligent Design:
...Those working eight hours behind machines and the employees who fill out papers during the same time frame, look at prostitutes with a despising pout yet they're not that different. The prostitute rents her body for a few moments to someone for money. A worker rents his body eight hours a day to a boss for money and so does an employee. The engineer also rents his body as well as his mind for money. Every being who works to obtain what they need to live is practicing prostitution...

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