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Raels Girls help in Sensual Surprises on South Beach for Femininity Day

Sensual Surprises Planned for South Beach as Raelians Celebrate their Third Annual Femininity Day
On Sunday, March 4th, at 2 pm on Lincoln Road and Euclid Avenue, the Miami Raelian women and men will celebrate the third annual year of “International Femininity Day” as designed by RAEL himself to emphasize the crucial importance of feminine values for peace.

The past three years have proven that women and men are more open to sensuality, as Raelians have attracted thousands to their events with live body painting, street performances and dances, illustrating their desire to promote femininity, refinement, beauty and sensuality. This year’s theme will be that of touch.

Sharing values much like those of the United Nations Charter of “a world without war, respect for human rights, international law and social and economic progress,” the men and women of the Raelian Movement (a 100% volunteer world peace organization) are tired of living in a world where feminine contributions are maligned and exploited and welcome the support of any individual who educates and champions others to cease the senseless suppression of women and femininity, both sexually and culturally. So come celebrate with us and join us in our third annual celebration of sensuality to ensure that love, peace and femininity will one day rule this planet.

Femininity will be an integral part of the teachings of Rael during the upcoming annual Raelian seminar in Palm Springs, California from June 23rd-July 1st.

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