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The Sexual Freedom Coalition

The Sexual Freedom Coalition represents tens of thousands of supporters and scores of campaign groups across Britain. We are run by a small group of volunteers and challenge the Home Office, governments, police and press for the sexual freedom of consenting adults. We hold an annual conference in London.

The Sexual Freedom Coalition was formed in April 1996 to counter a wave of state repression in the UK against erotic events and products. The final straw was the forced cancellation of the 10th Anniversary of the Sex Maniacs Ball.
A march was organised as a protest. It started in Soho and ended at 10 Downing Street where a petition was presented to the Prime Minister.

The cancellation of the Sex Maniacs Ball was just one of the actions being taken against erotic events. The organisers of Club Whiplash were being prosecuted for running their club.
The SFC distributed 7,500 leaflets to the Council Taxpayers if Wandsworth highlighting the cost to them of such action, over £1/4 million.

The SFC has sought dialogue with the Vice Squad and Customs about sex and the law, but they would not meet us even to discuss ways to improve the current situation.
Despite this inertia by the authorities, the SFC has continued to maintain a contact with other interest parties and following a wide consultation, we have drawn up a Sexual Freedom Bill. The Bill will bring British sex laws into line with the European Union, it will end censorship, discrimination and most importantly defend the rights of consenting adults.

All key decisions have been made at open democratic meetings of supporters. Further work is done by working groups - like the Internet Working Group who compiled this page.
The SFC also organised the Sexual Freedom Parade and delivered the first instalment of our National Petition "Sex Please We're British !" together with our Bill to the Home Office on 21st June 1997. Coincidentally, the parade was followed by a little party attended by over 1,000 people. It went on all night and was a pansexual erotic experience enjoyed by all.

The SFC has also participated in:

The Gay Pride March
Queer Remembrance Sunday
SM Pride
Reclaim the Streets
Anarchist Bookfair
International Whores' Conference in LA
The Sex Work Re-assessed Conferences at the University of East London
The Oxford Union Debate
FunLove, Leeds
Publicised 50 Tips for Prostitutes

The SFC has been going for eight years and it's not all boring admin. work! We hold fund raising events: these take a variety of forms, but the emphasis is on fun.
The SFC only operates with the assistance of its volunteers and relies on its fund raising events and donations to support its operations and activities.

Source: http://www.sfc.org.uk/

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