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Who is RAEL
Rael is the founder and Spiritual Leader, of the International Raelian Movement and has been explaining for the past 30 years in his teachings that the human body is one of the greatest works of art, a result of a scientific creation, which should be cherished, celebrated and enjoyed in every way possible. Instead, in this so called 'enlightened' 21st Century, women, their bodies, and their fundamental right of expression are still under fire, with sexual liberation being obliterated in the name of "god"....

The Raelian Movement, one of the world's most fearlessly individualistic philosophies of love, peace, and non-conformism: a beautiful combination of spirituality, sensuality, and science, counting 60,000 members in 84 countries... (www.rael.org).

In this Philosophy, a Human's ultimate dream of eternal life, which past religions only promised after death in a mythical paradise, will become a scientific reality. RAEL, with exceptional vision allows us an extraordinary glimpse into an amazing future and explains how our nascent technology will revolutionize our world and transform our lives. For example, he describes how nanotechnology will make agriculture and heavy industry redundant, how super-artificial intelligence will quickly outstrip human intelligence, how eternal life will be possible in a computer without the need for any biological body and much, much more. As RAEL says, don’t make the mistake in thinking that this is twenty second-century science fiction. All this could happen within the next 20years!

At the age of twenty-seven, Claude Rael was ambitious young motor racing driver. He had already won a dozen trophies and founded a successful motor sport magazine…. But on 13th December 1973, his life changed dramatically.

In a remote region of France that day, he watched with amazement as a UFO floated silently down towards him through thick mist. He describe how a single human figure emerged to tell him that advanced scientists from another planet, who had manipulated DNA to create all life forms on earth, now wanted to return and land at a secure embassy near Jerusalem. Later he explained the full story... related in the book "Intelligent Design, A Message from the Designers", a FREE DOWNLOAD on www.rael.org

He founded the International Raelian Movement, a non-profit making organisation, to spread this information and to build an embassy for the landing. Since the mid-Seventies he has devoted his life to travelling the world, lecturing, broadcasting and writing about this claimed truth.
He teaches the Raelian Values listed below. These values are designed to help humanity progress:

• An awareness of the consequences of our actions
• Absolute respect for life
• Self-respect
• Love for oneself
• Respect for others
• Non-violence
• World peace
• Sharing and Sensuality
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