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Rael's Girls Testimonies
Montreal, CANADA, SAM:
There are several ways to view a profession, whatever it may be. The vision by external people, by people who benefit from it or by the people who practice it… The profession of massage can be seen negatively or it can be seen as a privilege … Yes, an opportunity to give love to a person who truly needs love. To massage a person is being aware of the effects of our caresses on their body and enjoying seeing how this touch gives positive effects in the brain, it is real love. Our sensuality, our way of thinking creates neuronal connections in our brain, consciously or not. When we give sensual caresses, we build our brain and the receiver’s brain with beauty and sensuality. When the receiving men wish to touch us, we must, if their caresses are too abrupt, guide them, so that they do not transfer unpleasant connections to us, in our brain, and it's important, to express this at the beginning, explain them our limits and to stop any activity, if they are not being respected. We can make this trade only for money, or some of them see it more like one opportunity for giving love, helping these clients to be more refined, which is a privilege also for us to grow. If it's done only for money, bad feelings can develop, such as dislike, frustration, impatience, displeasure… and can lead to a disconnection of ourselves from our own sensuality and sensitivity, so time passes more quickly. It becomes difficult and extremely harmful for us... (continued on page 2...)

Florida, USA, DONNA:
Hello, my name is Donna and I have been in the Raelian Movement for a little over 20 years. As one of Rael’s girls I feel very strongly about what is happening to women on this planet, and more specifically women in the sex industry. As a woman born and raised as a Christian in the United States, I was educated to believe that sex was dirty and only after marriage sex magically becomes beautiful. As a young adult I was very confused about sexuality and it was only after my first encounter with sex at the age of 20 did I understand how deceived I had been. To feel ashamed of ones body is a terrible tragedy and I do blame most, if not all, of these backward beliefs on organized religion. I was very lucky my first encounter was with an older man who knew I was inexperienced and wanted my first time to be wonderful for me. When I experienced my first orgasm it was the most incredible feeling I had ever imagined. I was angry at the Catholic Church and I remember cursing to myself for letting their doctrine control my life for so long... (continued on page 5...)

California, USA, FLORENCE:
Having danced now for a few years in many different places I have accumulated diverse experiences and seen many interesting things about different aspects of the sex industry. I am French and I grew up with an education based on openness where taboos where inexistent around sexuality. My parents and I always talked freely about sexuality and I am very grateful of that because it has most likely helped me avoid any unwanted pregnancies as a young adult because of the knowledge and own experiences they both shared with me during my teenage years. I always new deep down that I would not stay in France and that my life would be as different as possible from the rest of the people I knew at the time. I was hungry for new exiting adventures as well as self-exploration and when the opportunity of leaving my country presented itself to me I took on the challenge and started a new journey on a different continent, North America. It has now been 11 years and I am enjoying every part of this journey... (continued on page 6...)

London, UK, SAKINA:
Hello, my name is Sakina. I was born and raised as a Muslim in France... As a child and a teenager I was taught that sex was a taboo. It was also forbidden to see anything of its likeness on TV, movies, etc... And specially to talk about it... The only way for me to experiment it was the day my parents would choose to marry me!!! A few years passed, and as I reached the age of 19, I finally decided to break those chains that were strapping my mind. When, I discovered the Raelian Philosophy, Sensual Meditation, (awakening the mind by awakening the body)... Whoaaaaaaaa!!! I could see, how much I had to let go... I started asking myself questions about my own sexuality, and I realized how unconscious my thinking was from believing what my mom had always taught me... I had to reeducate myself!!! Such a big challenge for me!!! Fantastic, around this time, I had my first orgasm, discovering more and more my body, myself, all the pleasure coming from it... In fact, here I am today, I have been in the Raelian Movement for about 10 years and I am working as a Stripper, a job I have had for the last 4 years, 3 in California and 1 in England expressing my femininity, my sensuality and my sexuality...(cotinued on page 7...)

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