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SAM con't...
But by practicing massage as an opportunity to build and develop ourselves is so much more beautiful and positive for us. What humility, what interior power we can develop by seeing this client above all as a human being, like us, without considering his appearance or the color of his skin. Some you may feel sorry for, because they do not have a beautiful body or an education of proper hygiene… but with love, compassion, discretion, humility, softness, we can help them to refine and love themselves more and more. Waooo…

Each moment is an opportunity for us, to build and develop ourselves, what ever we choose to do. And for those people outside who see this trade in a negative way, let me just remind you that at the root of violence there usually is unhappy people, dissatisfied in their sensual life. Each person who seeks a masseuse will feel more relaxed and peaceful...and is more prone to be peaceful and loving towards others, much more so than if he accumulated frustrations and unsatisfied needs… And if what I say disturbs you, or makes you feel bad … ask yourself why; try to identify it and understand and find a constructive way to deal with this for yourself, rather than to criticize and project your frustrations on others. Of course the last option is easier, but this is not the one which will make you happy. We alone are responsible for what we live and feel, as it is ourselves who give power to what comes from outside to hurt us. This is what I have discovered and come to understand in this creative work of massage.

With all my love, A smile which supports the action of Rael' S Girls:)))
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