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FLORENCE con't...

My quests of self-exploration lead me to blossom spiritually through my mind and my body thanks to the messages of the Elohim that I read many years ago and thanks to the ongoing teachings of my chosen spiritual guide, Rael.

During this process I also started as an exotic dancer as a way to share the beauty and sensuality that my body has to offer in the hope that it will touch my audience’s sensitivity by providing them a moment of pleasure and gentleness in their often too stressful lives. What I realized almost right away is that my approach in this business was very different from the majority of the women working with me.

Being in touch with my body and my mind has been an essential component to enjoy every part of what I am made off and having a guilt free education allows me to play with my body, my sexuality which is being expressed naturally in my every day life.

My spirituality has guided me toward better understanding rather than judging, love instead of hate, embracing our world’s differences instead of jealousy. I am using my consciousness rather than a raw emotional reaction which often leads to more problems than solutions. This has been a key factor in keeping me in a very safe and pleasurable experience in the exotic entertainment business.

While many women are leaning toward various substances to “cope” with the reality of what they are doing I, on the other hand, go about my shift with a positive outlook of life enjoying every part of what I am doing while witnessing how many patrons I am making happy and how I may have made a difference in their lives during these few minutes with me. And this is the best reward I can take back home at the end of my day.

It takes more than just a beautiful body in this industry to succeed and to avoid being affected by our surroundings. It takes great inner balance. It takes a great understanding of who we are as a whole being, as a woman, it takes love, loving everything about ourselves free of any guilt and being able to express it through our bodies and minds, being able to share it universally as it also takes love for others.

I like to think that my dances are pure expression of love and that this is what people feel when they are around me, and which touch them so profoundly…
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