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DONNA con't...

So my question is why is this country (USA) so uptight about sex? They impeach a president for a blow job but allow another president to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people for the sake of oil. The networks freak out when a breast is exposed during a football game but seeing pictures of children with missing arms and legs from bombs that this country dropped on those innocent children doesn’t even warrant the 6 a clock news.

I think this country has serious issues that need to be challenged and changed. For instance prostitution! It should be legalized. It should be the choice of each woman to do with her body as she sees fit with no moral judgment placed on them. I hear from many people that women who dance in strip clubs or prostitute themselves are being exploited by men. Well, if a woman chooses to sell herself to someone for an hour, a day or a week what difference is there between her and someone who hires out their mind for an hour, a day or a week known to most of us as a job? Is this not also prostitution? In my opinion the later is more demeaning and dangerous because this one is accepted world wide. A woman who consciously decides to have sex with some one for an hour and charges a fee and another woman goes to a job and is paid $12.00 an hour for an 8 hour day and her boss has little or no regard for her or her effort who is really being exploited? There are many girls supporting themselves in strip clubs who are college students with goals and dreams and these women deserve the same respect as the girl who is putting herself through college waiting tables at the local pub.

We live in a world where human life has little or no value. We have come to think that a person who is born in Iraq and is killed makes no difference because they somehow deserve to die because they are Iraqi. This attitude needs to change as each one of us on this planet is valuable because we are all linked? We are all flesh and blood and wake up in the morning and have dreams and hopes for our lives. Let us not become anesthetized by the media, or governments who condone barbaric behavior. Let’s stand up for humanity. Stand up and fight for the rights of every individual to be free to choose what they want for their life.

I am proud to be a Raelian and a Woman. I follow my dreams and my desires and my pleasure. I am not guided by the norms of society and I refuse to allow others to judge me by their standards. I use my consciousness as my guide and I thank my Beloved Prophet Rael for his teaching for these teachings are opening the minds of many human beings to a more free and happier humanity.
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